how to get rid of a double chin

About the Double Dozen - Double Chin Exercises

The Double Dozen is the complete guide to getting rid of you double chin. If you have a turkey neck or double chin that is making you look heavier then you are then this is the guide for you. Imagine never being self consious in photos again!

Once you purchase the Double Dozen double chin guide you will have instant access to the guide, videos and audio files for downloading.

After the first few exercises you will realize how powerful these percise movements and exercises can be. Your jaw will be sore, but on its way to becoming tone and transforming you face.

Once you start the double chin exercise program you will need to stick to the included calendar of exercises. Luckily, you can do them almost anywhere in under 15 minutes each day. You can do them while riding in the car or even sitting in class.

Get started today and see results in as little as a week.

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